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If not, then you should probably recruit looking for preparedness-minded people that have the same long-term relocation destination, or at least people with the willingness to be flexible about where they relocate.I recommend nine web sites (seven free and two paid) for making connections–whether you are looking to join or form a retreat group, or even for someone looking looking for a “prepper” spouse.| Over70is the newest of niche sites recently launched that specifically targets Septuagenarians who are young-at-heart and want to enjoy life to the fullest by sharing their special moments with partners who have the same joie de vivre.| Little People Date has single-handedly revolutionized the world of online dating for little people by encouraging all users to accept them as persons prepared to give and receive love just like everyone else.We can talk later about getting your spouse on board if you’re interested, or you can check out some of these posts on the subject: Ok, I just had to get that out-of-the-way first!So if you’re in the dating scene, how do you find someone who cares more about becoming self-reliant, rather than becoming a professional spender?Sometimes I don’t have time to give a lengthy reply, and often times other people have the exact same questions, so I’ve decided to devote Fridays for Question & Answer Time!Don’t hesitate to jump in and add your thoughts and expertise, because we really learn the most from each other!

For your safety and security, it is better to go through a long series of correspondence and to do some background and reference checking before revealing your home address or phone number.| Younce & Vtipil advocates scrapping a little-known law that doesn't allow withdrawal of consent after sex starts.The firm's family law attorneys urge citizens to sign a petition on calling on lawmakers to hold rapists accountable.You might even want to set up a separate Hotmail or Gmail account, just for the purposes of making such contacts.Think OPSEC Another proven method of finding like-minded people has had remarkable success: wearing or carrying the Survival Blog logo.

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