Tangle wire dating

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The thorns are on the leaves of these trees, making them very difficult to pass through when planted as a dense hedge.They are evergreen, known for their red berries in winter and are one of the few plants of this size that is fully shade tolerant.You'll want to wear heavy leather gloves when pruning pyracantha as the thorns cover all the stems and are notoriously sharp.

Excellent drainage is essential; plant agaves in sandy soil, if possible, and do not water or fertilize.

Silverthorn is an enormous evergreen shrub, reaching up to 15 feet tall and wide, though it can be maintained at almost any height with pruning.

It is one of the fastest growing shrubs available and will form a head-high hedge within two years of planting.

Thorns cover the branches on these trees, though they are sometimes seen on the trunk of young trees all the way down to ground level.

Both trees have clusters of honey-scented white flowers in early spring, giving way to seedpods later in the year.

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